That’s a wrap!

The Hunting and Gathering Guru workshop series has come to a close for 2016, and we have a lot to be thankful for from the last few months. Together, during this program, we caught kokanee salmon in Arrow Lake, we learned about ways to eat away our invasive plants, made our own beef jerky, learned to spot wild mushrooms and then how to cook them, explored the outdoors with a new appreciation for navigating with a map and compass, and discussed how exactly to get started in the wild world of hunting. Equipped with all of these new skills, we as a community have moved that much closer to a more traditional and sustainable model of food gathering. Each and every time we catch a fish, or enjoy fresh, organic venison steak, or come home with a basket full of chanterelles, we feel a sense of pride and connection to our food that you just don’t get from shopping at the supermarket. The forest is the new grocery store – not because it is new (it isn’t at all), but because we are finally rediscovering its infinite value and importance to a healthy and balanced human lifestyle. The instructors or “gurus” for these workshops are truly helping shape Revelstoke into the kind of community that supports and encourages responsible, educated hunting and gathering practices.

Thank you to all our instructors (Chic Sharp, Laura Gaster, Sue Davies, Kate Borucz, Tanya Kempard, Douglas Airey, Lee de Bruin, Pamela de Bruin, John Bell, and Brian Gadbois) and to everyone who came out to participate in the workshops this year! If you have any feedback you’d like to share, feel free to get in touch with us, or email the 2016 project coordinator Anna Maria Stone. Stay tuned for next year’s series!