• 01/05/18
    Biodiversity and wildfires are interconnected

    Wildfires are a naturally occurring phenomenon. From a human perspective they can cause massive damage to infrastructure and safety. Road closures, traffic delays and detours prevent tourists from visiting regions whose economies are tourism driven. From an ecological standpoint, […]

  • 09/22/17
    2017 Kokanee Fish Fest

    The Kokanee Fish Festival is designed for grade 2 students in the Revelstoke area to learn about the life cycle, culutural significance, and conservation efforts which contribute to the Kokanee fish population in Revelstoke.  The festival takes place at […]

  • 05/25/17
    Wildlife Viewing Opportunities!

    This time of year offers us one of the best opportunities to get out and enjoy the natural environment.  After a long winter of dormancy, hibernation, and migration, we are welcoming a late melt with open arms and noticing as […]