• 11/21/17
    CREDtalk: Why Invasives Matter – to all of us

    The Columbia Region Ecological Discussions include speakers addressing a diversity of topics such as science communication, active ecological management, citizen science, research skills and techniques and the influences that our natural environment has on art and culture.  Presentations will be recorded […]

  • 10/18/17
    Invasive species in Revelstoke: How to weed them out of your life

    Summer has given way to the wet chills of autumn. It’s the perfect time to chat about the reality of invasive species in Revelstoke and learn about how changing your behaviour can help stop them. That bamboo growing rampantly all summer? Known […]

  • 09/07/16
    Eat Your Weeds! Edible Invasives Workshop

    Ever wondered what good can come of all those pesky weeds you’re constantly battling? Or wonder about the medicinal properties of a field of wildflowers? Or maybe you’ve just been searching for ANY other way to deal with problem […]

  • 09/02/16
    What’s in a weed?

    You may have heard the term before, but there is probably so much more to know about invasive species than previously thought. Sue Davies of the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) describes invasive species as having “characteristics that […]