• 01/05/18
    Biodiversity and wildfires are interconnected

    Wildfires are a naturally occurring phenomenon. From a human perspective they can cause massive damage to infrastructure and safety. Road closures, traffic delays and detours prevent tourists from visiting regions whose economies are tourism driven. From an ecological standpoint, […]

  • 11/28/17
    CREDtalk: Mending the Meadows

    The Columbia Region Ecological Discussions include speakers addressing a diversity of topics such as science communication, active ecological management, citizen science, research skills and techniques and the influences that our natural environment has on art and culture.  Presentations will be recorded […]

  • 09/19/17
    Planting Milkweed for Monarchs

    In an effort to learn more about providing the endangered Monarch butterfly with sustainable habitat, we came across an often recommended species of flower called Showy Milkweed.  Although this flowering plant is very much suitable for the monarch, research indicates that […]