Hunting and Gathering Guru Workshop Series Coordinator

The Hunting and Gathering Guru workshop series aims to provide individuals with the exposure, resources, and knowledge about how to source their food locally, in a manner that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. The series will provide information about the natural history and conservation of some local and wild food sources as well as some practical skills for their ethical harvesting and gathering.

This contract will begin immediately and run until November 2016. Duties include:

  • Coordinate 10-12 workshops
  • Use feedback from previous workshops and groups to improve upon workshop topics or develop new topics
  • Recruit volunteers and experts to lead workshops, and mentors
  • Liaise with individuals, community groups, and stakeholders to recruit expertise, improve content and/or delivery, and facilitate mentorship
  • Advertise all workshops through various means
  • Work alongside other organizations such as the Local Food Initiative to coordinate events
  • Maintain and increase participation over 2015, especially with individuals from outside the NCES
  • Book venues, organize travel details, equipment, and other supplies
  • Track participation, new memberships, and volunteer hours
  • Manage all administrative aspects of the project, including management of the budget
  • Report on a regular basis to a Board member and/or conservation committee of the NCES
  • Complete a final report


Necessary Skills:

  •  Some familiarity with experiential learning
  •  Ability to connect with and reach out to various user groups
  •  Interest in and/or familiarity with local food issues, edible and medicinal plants, hunting, and fishing
  •  Proficiency with traditional and social media
  •  Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  •  Ability to work independently, take initiative, and be resourceful
  •  Ability to engage and appreciate volunteers
  •  Proficient with email communications, word processing, Google drive

This position is open to NCES members only. Visit our membership page to join.

This is a part time, contract position that will extend into November, with a pay of $20 – $25/hour (based on experience) for 60 hours, with a materials budget of $750. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and two references to [email protected] with “HG Guru Application” in the subject line. The application deadline is June 3rd, 2016.