SD 19 schools: Farm-to-Table project.

This three-part program was designed for grades four to six, and reached four classes at Mountain View, Mount Begbie and Columbia Park elementary schools. The program provided students with an overview of climate change, explored the ways in which food choices relate to climate change, inspired positive action by providing alternative choices and information, and aimed to empower students to make informed choices about their role in the face of climate change. The program involved both classroom presentations and supermarket tours. Feedback from teachers, students and partners (Coopers Foods, Southside & Mountain Goodness Natural Foods) were all very positive.


More than 140 people attended this event, which used creativity to raise awareness of climate change. ClimArt was organized by contractors Hailey Ross and Claire Siebert. The event featured five films, including two by local children; three slide shows; and 19 multi-media art submissions. One of the slide shows was by Greg Hill, who skied 2 million vertical feet in 2010. He noted his carbon footprint in getting to his ski destinations and challenged himself to reduce that (see Revel Pedal below). The Friends of Mount Revelstoke also had an art activity at the event. The event attracted a great mix of regular NCES supporters, plus artists and a large number of mountain sports enthusiasts. The event was covered or mentioned by four media outlets. February 23, 2012

Earth Week:

For the three elementary schools, NCES conducted an Earth Day colouring and pledge contest. We presented the contest winners eco-friendly prizes at the school