Carries out relevant conservation initiatives in our area and provides support to community stakeholders to help them carry out their own conservation initiatives; in so doing, this facilitates learning opportunities for our membership about the benefits of these projects.

The conservation committee is dedicated to evidence-based actions and philosophies and supports the NCES in this goal more generally. Furthermore, we aim to foster respectful working relationships with scientists in our area who have valuable knowledge about conservation issues relevant to our region.

The conservation committee also promotes awareness in the community regarding the issues, progress and challenges regarding the Mountain Caribou and habitat in and around Revelstoke. It stays up to speed on the status and health of Mountain Caribou populations and what actions are being taken (or not being taken) to protect the species and their habitat. This group is involved with outside groups addressing the recovery of Mountain Caribou such as the Mountain Caribou Project, Parks Canada, and the Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild.

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