Sustainable Living Committee

Sustainable Living Committee

Building interest and capacity within Revelstoke to live and build more sustainably, using local resources and to reduce energy and water use. During 2016 and 2017, the Sustainable Living Committee hosted a series of workshops, including:
Composting 101
DIY Green Cleaning Products
DIY Health & Beauty Products
Green Building Info Session
In 2018, the Sustainable Living Committee will be hosting a film fest, compiling information for Revelstoke’s Green Living Guide, and hosting a comprehensive Xeriscape¬†workshop in the spring.
They will also be gathering information and raising awareness about single use plastic consumption in the City of Revelstoke – with the eventual goal of phasing it out completely.
Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee

Carries out relevant conservation initiatives in our area and provides support to community stakeholders to help them carry out their own conservation initiatives; in so doing, this facilitates learning opportunities for our membership.

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