• 11/17/17
    Climate change, genetics, and the beetle

    Douglas fir beetle, or mountain pine beetle: take your pick. Infestations of either can result in catastrophic loss of forest. Beetles are a natural part of the ecological cycle and they tend to attack weak and dying trees. But […]

  • 07/25/17
    What a summer’s worth of flooding means for the local environment

    A lot can be said about the affects of flooding in a given area – the good, the band the ugly.  Flooding can be synonymous for destruction and devastation, but surely, there must be some good that comes from persistent flooding […]

  • 01/22/17
    Tips for reducing waste

    Article by Jenny Holt Eliminate Packaging Reduce Household Waste Household trash is one of the biggest sources of waste. Of the total waste generated in the US, roughly 58% ends up in landfills with the rest being recycled. There […]