Kokanee Fish Fest

    Kokanee Fish Fest 2017 is planned for Friday, September 22nd at Bridge Creek in the Industrial Park (just off of Powerhouse Rd.)

    The Kokanee Fish Festival is designed for grade 2 students in the Revelstoke area to learn about the life cycle, culutural significance, and conservation efforts which contribute to the Kokanee fish population in Revelstoke.  The festival takes place at Bridge Creek near the Illecillewaet River.  All elementary school students and homeschool students are invited to attend.

    There is a variety of educational and creative stations for the students to participate in: fish dissection, dip net making with an Aboriginal Education Coordinator, watershed awareness and education, aquatic invasive species education, Kokanee life cycle, bear aware activities, fish arts and crafts, and the opportunities presented by the environment itself.

    Volunteers Needed!

    If you’d like to lend a hand and be involved in the 18th annual Fish Fest, please contact our Coordinator ([email protected])!

    The 2016 Kokanee Fish Fest would like to thank our facilitators: Mainstreams, BC Hydro, School District 19 – Aboriginal EducationWildsight, Invasive Species Council of BC, and Revelstoke Bear Aware.

    “Thank you so much to the NCES for organizing and running the Fish Fest! We are a group of homeschool families who were invited to the event, and really enjoyed it. It was great information, delivered in a way that was very interesting to adults and children. We appreciate the hard work that goes into this event.” – Brendan MacIntosh, parent

    “Thank you for having us join you at the Fish Festival.  The stations were very informative and we all had a lot of fun!  Job well done!” – Kristi Mortell-Leblanc, Grade 1-2 teacher at Arrow Heights Elementary.