Jr. Naturalists

    The Jr. Naturalist program is an environmental education program designed to teach children the fundamentals of natural science in a fun and engaging, outdoor environment.

    The program offers a 1-week March Break day camp and Summer day camp for children aged 4-11, and provides an excellent opportunity for parents to expose their children to environmental education through engaging, hands on experiences and lessons.

    2018 Summer Program

    We are working diligently on building an exceptional summer program for Revelstoke’s youth.  Check out our March Break Program details below for past activities.

    NEW in 2018: We are opening up the summer program to 4 year olds with an interest in becoming Jr. Naturalists!

    The summer program will be taking place on Tuesdays (for youth 4-6 years old) and Wednesdays (for youth 7-11 years old) throughout July and August.

    Program details and early registration for NCES members will be available in May, with registration opening to the public in June.  Become an NCES member now and take advantage of early registration (as well as other membership perks!)

    If you have any questions please contact info[at]northcolumbia[dot]org

    2018 March Break Program

    Into the Wild – Wilderness Survival Skills.  Jr. Naturalists will spend the day outdoors learning how to prepare their packs for all situations and will be taught S.T.O.P. principles (stay, think, observe, and plan) to encourage critical thinking when participating in outdoor activities.  They will learn skills in sourcing water, building shelters, signalling, animal tracking, compass use and orienteering, tying knots, and building fires in the snow, while playing games, making new friends, and applying their newly learned skills.

    Playing with Rainbows. Jr. Naturalists will learn using colour basics and will be introduced to the concept of “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”.  A rainbow themed nature hike and scavenger hunt will encourage participants to observe nature and develop an understanding of forest health and how chlorophyll plays an active role in changing leaf colours.  Art activities include making black-light leaf rub art with pastels, using natural dyes from fruits and vegetables to make tie dye shirts, and glow in the dark shadow play.

    Mini-Makers Convention. While identifying different shapes in nature, Jr. Naturalists will build different snow structures using moulds and observe which ones are strongest/weakest and why. They will learn about the concepts of reducing, reusing, repurposing, recycling, and water conservation principles, develop team building skills and increase their confidence by working with others while creating an invention out of “junk” materials and presenting them to the group.

    Sensational! On this day, the Jr. Naturalists will be encouraged to use their senses to familiarize themselves with the environment.  Small group walks will encourage exploration with sight, sound, smell, and touch. Bird watching, listening to the river, smelling flowers, pine needles, and tree bark are all ways Jr. Naturalists will connect to the environment today.  Further lessons and activities will take place to teach Jr. Naturalists about the importance of senses in nature.

    Green Thumbs. Today’s camp will take Jr. Naturalists on a tour of local food.  Where does meat come from? How do vegetables grow? All these questions will get answered by visiting a local chicken coop, planting seeds, and bringing them home to care for.