Hunting & Gathering Guru Series

    The Hunting & Gathering Guru Series was developed in response to community request. This series of workshops calls on the expertise of several local foragers to share tips and techniques to get you started or advanced on your road to self-sustainability while respecting the environment around you, the integrity of the ecosystem, and the regulations surrounding these activities.

    Our 2016 Hunting and Gathering Guru Workshop Series has wrapped up for the season!

    A note from our Coordinator, Anna Maria Stone:

    For all of the participants we’d like to say congratulations on your newfound skills! And thank you for being a part of the movement toward local, healthy and environmentally-saavy alternatives to the food we eat. Revelstoke is a particularly unique place – our geographical distance from major food producers means we are more inclined to look for meat and produce within and around our own community. What a wonderful opportunity! I love how engaged everyone has been in learning to hunt, fish, forage, preserve, and grow their own food here. Think about it – for every meal we collected during our workshops (whether it was the fish we caught, the edible weeds we nibbled on, the jerky we made, or the mushrooms we foraged), we saved potentially thousands of kilometers of unnecessary travelling from the products’ origins to our plates. And this is just the beginning, as we all go out and continue hunting and foraging, continuously reducing our carbon footprints over time. Go team!


    Our 2016 program included the following topics:


    • Introduction to Fishing Field Trip

    Participants were given the opportunity to learn how to fish through the art of spin casting with outdoor expert Chic Sharp. It was an easy and enjoyable way to catch fish, suitable for all ages and all skill levels.  The group spent the day on Arrow Lake and 2 participants even caught their own fish!

    • Eat Your Weeds! Edible Invasives Workshop
    For those who have wondered what good can come of all those pesky weeds they are constantly battling, or about the medicinal properties of a field of wildflowers; regional and provincial invasive species control specialists came out to share some tips and recipes in dealing with invasive plants that have edible and medicinal properties.  Participants braved the rain, but were rewarded with mullein tea, chicory coffee, burdock root chips, and Himalayan blackberry tarts!
    • Jerky Making Workshop

    Tanya Kemprud has returned to build on her sausage-making workshop from last year to teach us how to make our own jerky – even providing some samples she made from hunting local animals.  The crowd left knowing how to preserve their fresh meat into a delectable non-perishable snack!

    • Edible Mushrooms 101 – Foraging & Cooking

    A full day of mushroom education with three local experts: Doug Airey, Lee de Bruin, and Pamela de Bruin.  Participants were walked through everything about wild edible mushrooms – looking for, picking, cleaning, storing and even cooking your mushrooms. Pickers foraged for delicious chanterelles, bright orange lobster mushrooms, highly coveted pine mushrooms and more, and later met up at Mountain Meals for a cooking seminar.

    • Basic Map Reading & Navigation

    ACMG guide John Bell shared some introductory theory and skills for navigating Revelstoke’s wilderness for hikers, mountain bikers, back country skiers and snowboarders.  The heavy rain extended the indoor portion, which was held at the Nordic Ski Lodge at Mt. Macpherson and then the group moved outdoors to apply their newly learned skills.

    • Getting Started with Hunting

    Brian Gadbois led an introductory lesson on the basics of hunting.  Participants were given key information on how and where to get started and how to begin making their own connections to the land and its fauna.  The workshop proved to be a great start for the who, what, where, and how on everything one needs to know to start hunting for themselves.

    • Local & Wild Potluck

    A wrap-up event for the Hunting and Gathering Guru Workshop Series, which encouraged attendees to celebrate and share their newly acquired skills in hunting, foraging, and preserving.  Some of the night’s amazing dishes included a venison lasagna, chantarelle stuffed perogies, rabbit and pine mushroom tarts, a rhubarb crisp, and a chocolate cake made with beets!  What a great night to make connections with new people and to the food on our tables.