Hunting & Gathering Guru Series

    The Hunting & Gathering Guru Series was developed in response to community request. This series of workshops calls on the expertise of several local foragers to share tips and techniques to get you started or advanced on your road to self-sustainability while respecting the environment around you, the integrity of the ecosystem, and the regulations surrounding these activities.

    Our 2017 Hunting and Gathering Guru Workshop Series has begun, but we are still actively seeking facilitators who can share their knowledge.  Particularly on the topics of fly-fishing, animal tracking, and hunting.

    Upcoming workshops:

    Introduction to Hunting Basics – Thursday, September 28th 6pm. Revelstoke Recreation Centre

    Aimed at providing beginners to hunting with a platform to ask questions, veteran hunters to share knowledge, and for anyone to come and learn on how to get started with hunting. Participants should leave the workshop with an understanding of what it will take to be a hunter, how to prepare for the legalities of being a hunter, and whether hunting is really for them.  Topics to be covered will depend upon the current level of knowledge of the participants – focus will change depending on their knowledge and interest. Participants must appreciate this is only the first step and the legal requirements to be a hunter do require more detailed training and testing.  $5 for NCES members, $10 for non-members, purchase an annual membership for $20 at the event and attend for FREE!

    Rosehip Harvesting – Monday, October 2nd 5pm. Worker’s Memorial Monument (Centennial Park Greenbelt)

    Rosehips are the fruit of rose plants, filled with tiny seeds and covered with silky hairs, a known source of vitamin C, and have been harvested for use in jams, jellies, teas, beauty care, and more!
    We will be going over plant ID and known sites, best times for harvesting, and preservation techniques.  $3 for NCES members, $5 for non-members, purchase an annual membership for $20 at the event and attend for FREE!

    Introduction to Navigation & Basic Map Reading – Date & Location TBA

    This workshop will cover map and compass navigational skills and includes: interpreting topographic symbols, determining UTM grid and lat/long coordinates, magnetic declination, navigating in the field, and a brief overview of GPS and electronic navigation aids.  Maps will be provided, though you are encouraged to bring your own! Bring your own compass (**with a folding mirror**), a notebook and pencil, sturdy walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, water, and snacks. Optional, but helpful items include: ruler, handheld GPS device, and an altimeter.  $5 for NCES members, $10 for non-members, purchase an annual membership for $20 at the event and attend for FREE!

    Jerky Making Workshop – Date TBA.  Revelstoke United Church.

    Now that you’ve started hunting your own wild game, wouldn’t you like to know how to make all that fresh, delicious meat last?  here is your chance! We will also be sharing some samples made from hunting local animals. $5 for NCES members, $10 for non-members, purchase an annual membership for $20 at the event and attend for FREE!

    Mushroom Foraging – Dates & Location TBA

    Back by popular demand, our mushroom foraging experts will share with you everything you need to know about going out and finding your own chanterelles, pine, and lobster mushrooms.  We will tell you all about picking, cleaning, storing, and even cooking with your harvest.  Mushroom growth is highly dependant on precipitation, as such, the date for this event may be moves around.

    Local & Wild Potluck – Dates & Location TBA

    A wrap-up event for the Hunting and Gathering Guru Workshop Series which encourages attendees to celebrate and share their newly acquired skills in hunting, foraging, and preserving.  Some of the amazing dishes from last year included a venison lasagna, chanterelle stuffed perogies, rabbit and pine mushroom tarts, a rhubarb crisp, and a chocolate cake made with beets!  What a great night to make connections with new people and to the food on our tables.

    Past Workshops:

    Secwepemc Plants & Their Traditional Uses

    Hosted by Louis Thomas, an Elder and Councillor from Neskonlith Band, and Libby Jay Chisholm, an Ethnoecology student of Metis of Algonquin ancestry, the two will be sharing their knowledge in local wild edibles and their traditional uses.  With an emphasis on identifying and harvesting edible plants, Louis and Libby will share with us the traditional uses of the plants we see growing in and around Revelstoke.

    Eat Your Weeds! Edible Invasive Plants Workshop

    For those who have wondered what good can come of all those pesky weeds they are constantly battling, or about the medicinal properties of a field of wildflowers.  Hosted by regional and provincial invasive species control specialists, they will be sharing some tips and recipes in dealing with invasive plants that have edible and medicinal properties.