Speaker Series 2016/2017: CREDtalks!

Columbia Region Ecological Discussions

In 2016/17, the North Columbia Environmental Society has partnered with the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology (CMIAE) to bring a series of speakers to town to discuss a variety of topics ranging from science communication, active management, citizen science, and research skills and techniques.  Our aim is to encourage and support the ongoing development and interest in ecology in our region, so all CREDtalks are free to the community.

The CREDtalk series will continue in 2018 through the CMIAE


Past Events:

Arctic and Antarctic Wildlife: Life in Changing Environments
Monday, October 3rd 7pm – Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

A presentation by retired seabird biologist, Professor at Thompson Rivers University, and President of BC Nature, Dr. Alan Burger. His discussion covered the topic of climate change in fragile regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic and how warming and cooling trends are having an effect on these regions.


The Western Painted Turtle: Revelstoke’s Resilient Reptile
Thursday, November 3rd 7pm – Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

A presentation by Dr. Karl Larsen, Professor of Wildlife Conservation and Management at Thompson Rivers University. His discussion covered the topic of reptiles, their ability to adapt to life in the north, and then focused on the Western Painted Turtle, Revelstoke’s own resilient reptile. Along with his graduate students, there was extensive research done on the species and how they have adapted, and thrived, in their most northern habitat.

Whitebark Pine Restoration in Mt. Revelstoke & Glacier National Parks
Wednesday, February 22nd, 12pm – Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

A presentation by Natalie Stafl, Resource Management Officer with Parks Canada.  Her presentation discussed the on-going initiatives in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Park to protect, restore and enhance whitebark pine and associated habitat, while highlighting elements of their conservation program including cone collection, disease resistance trials, prescribed fire and targeted planting in the parks.

Discovering Endangered Bat Species in the Nakimu Cave System, Glacier National Park B.C
Wednesday, March 8th, 12pm @ Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

A presentation by Parks Ecologist Sarah Boyle from Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks presented a lively talk to highlight the history of the Nakimu Cave System and the recent discovery of the bat species that call it home.

“Koneline: Our Land Beautiful” Film Premier
Thursday, March 9th Doors @ 6:30pm, Roxy Theatre

Koneline: Our Land Beautiful is a compelling art film which tells the story of the many different people who wander, work, dream, create, and conserve throughout Northwestern British Columbia, and celebrates their common love and respect for the land.  Big thanks to our co-hosts: Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology, Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and Monashee Outfitting, and the film’s director, Nettie Wild, for calling in and answering questions after the screening.

Check out the trailer here!

Water Monitoring & Climate Change
Friday, May 12th 7pm – Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

Dr. Martin Carver presented the Columbia Basin Trust‘s “Water Monitoring and Climate Change Report“. Water monitoring is particularly relevant to higher-volume water users such as communities, hydropower operators, agricultural producers, industrial operations and snowmaking at ski resorts, and can also benefit commercial and private recreational users.

The report provides a snapshot of current scientific knowledge about water resources within the Basin. It outlines:
– the state of water monitoring efforts
– how climate change is projected to affect various types of water resources such as snowfall, glaciers, rivers and lakes
– opportunities to strengthen understanding of water resources in the future.

This presentation was a complimentary event to the “One River. Ethics Matter.” conference, which took place at the Revelstoke Recreation Centre on Saturday, May 13th.