Mt. Begbie, Revelstoke, BC


Revelstoke is a thriving community that recognizes the interdependence of environmental, economic and social well-being and promotes stewardship of the natural environment throughout the North Columbia region.


To educate and enable individuals to prioritize the natural environment, and to advocate for its protection.

Guiding Principles

We believe the best way to achieve anything is to work with, not against, others. We are committed to:

  • Being informed – getting our facts straight before speaking out
  • Offering positive and creative solutions
  • Collaborative and peaceful methods of working towards our goals
  • Being approachable
  • Open, transparent and respectful communications and actions
  • Persevering to achieve change
  • Being focused, proactive, responsive and realistic

Who We Are

Based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, the North Columbia Environmental Society (NCES) came together to represent the environmental issues that concern the residents of Revelstoke, and to work together to find positive solutions. We want to contribute to a healthy environment for everyone. We believe our quality of life can only be maintained if social, economic and environmental aspects of community life are considered equally.

The Society was incorporated as a non-profit association in 1999. One of our first actions was to hold a public open house to find out what residents of Revelstoke consider our region’s most pressing environmental concerns.

Our geographic region encompasses Eagle Pass in the west, Rogers Pass in the east, Mica in the north and Shelter Bay in the south.

British Columbia
Revelstoke, BC