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New Fishing Regulation near Revelstoke

New Fishing Regulation near Revelstoke   Recent reports in the media have identified some minor changes to the fishing regulations near Revelstoke. The following will hopefully help to explain the current limitations that have been put in place to conserve populations. In the past the Illecillewaet River was closed all year round below Albert Canyon…


Hummingbirds are Here

Spring has Sprung – Hummingbirds are Here The Hummingbirds are back! They are stopping to refuel and hopefully some will stay and nest nearby. Here are some helpful hints for hummingbird feeders: Only use white sugar and water. No food coloring, no other sweets. Clean feeder every time it is refilled to prevent bacteria and…

Darlene Robazza Cancelliere_ Mountain bluebird female

Spring Has Sprung – The Flats are Bare

Another spring is upon us and everyone is enjoying the opportunities to get out of our hibernation mode. The Flats at the end of the pavement on Airport Way are again the first area to have no snow and all types of activities are occurring out there. You can see everything from mountain bikes, joggers,…