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Spring Has Sprung – The Flats are Bare

Another spring is upon us and everyone is enjoying the opportunities to get out of our hibernation mode. The Flats at the end of the pavement on Airport Way are again the first area to have no snow and all types of activities are occurring out there. You can see everything from mountain bikes, joggers,…

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Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air and there are opportunities to observe wildlife in many places near town. This is one of the best times of the year to view wildlife on the flats, providing disturbance from motorized recreation doesn’t drive the wildlife away. Whitetail deer can be seen feeding here in the early morning, and…

NCES Caribou Feature

American Naturalist – check out a local publication by Rob Serrouya

Check out this new article, which uses predator-prey theory to test how to mitigate apparent competition and the decline of woodland caribou. The article is written by local biologist Rob Serrouya and colleagues, and was published this month in the prestigious journal, American Naturalist.